Monday, November 17, 2014

Naturalist~~ One Month or So Later ~~Update!

So here I am ... one month later... and this is going to be a lot harder than I thought, but I am still committed to letting my "fro grow" for one year.

This was my starting point ...

~~~Evolution ~~~

Slowly but surely my curl pattern is returning (photos were taken on different days, I don't wet my hair everyday so when I don't the curls are fuller and fluffier)

Having the bleach in my hair really did a number on it... the color was pretty but damaging even with the precautions I took.... I am coming to realize that there will be some cutting as a go along to get rid of damaged hair and for shaping and styling. 

I love seeing that  the curls are coming back but sometimes I feel like my hair is a big ball of frizz. The next step is to try some products to combat this. I am excited because I saw an add for new Optimum products that I can't wait to try. I read in a Natural hair blog that much of the journey is trying to figure out what works for YOUR hair and that sometimes what works changes as you hair grows... I am finding this to be very true. What worked before this little Fro is not working now lol. I also find that my hair is very very dry, even after the castor oil and other oils I am putting in. I have a plan for that too, I plan on making a mixture of oil and also trying more deep conditioning and steam treatments.I am also going to try the LOC method for moisture. The LOC method is a layering of leave in conditioner and oils to really moisturize your hair.

I have been watching a few YouTube videos and they have been helpful; I will be trying some of the things I learned so stay tuned. I also found a link on Hello Beautiful about the best 10 natural hair videos you should watch and I must admit most of them were helpful.  One of the bloggers on there, Yolanda Rene, has her own channel and has a 12 or 13 part series on natural hair... a kind of all you want to know about natural hair thing which I found very helpful, find it here .


I am really looking forward to all the things I can do as the length of my hair changes, I am also inspired by protective styles like the crochet braids and head wraps too!!!!!

(these photos were found on the Internet and natural hair blogs)

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