Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So here I am looking in my closet as I am moving and guess what I found???? You got it...items with tags still on them or ... items that were only worn once.... ah damn those comfy clothes lol.

What are comfy clothes you may ask.... well they are my go to staples... especially for work.  I love clothes... I do but I have the #buyitandsaveitforaspecialoccasion syndrome smh...  Special occasions are everyday from now on.  When I am at work, I need to be comfortable but that doesn't mean I can't be cute honey lol.

So what do I do???? I set out on a mission to wear thirty different outfits in 30 days!

Mission accomplished... except for the 2 Saturdays I gladly spent at home in PJ's

When I realized that I could do this, I was happy to be so blessed. It was very hard though, not reverting back into comfyville lol. I  even got my office mate Jessica  involved as she became my photographer.  She would even remind me that we had to take our daily picture to document my success! THANKS JESS!!!!! 

Some items were purchased a while ago so I will not be including links BUT I will list the name of the stores where they were purchased.... as you can see, i also incorporated wigs into my challenge ( I don't have 30 but I am close lol) I am a naturalista, in my in between stage, and still learning my hair. Wigs are an awesome way to change things up, and are an awesome protective style!
 Let's see... We have - in no particular order...

Target, Ashley Stewart, Old Navy, Simply Be, Asos, TJ MAX, Boohoo, Eloqui, Forever 21, Burlington, Layne Bryant and some smaller boutiques.

 I also documented my experiment on my IG page (Findinglola7) and my facebook page (Finding Lola7) and received such great feedback from other plus girls and friends that were looking forward to the next outfit!

It wasn't always chic nor was it always high end, but besides challenging myself, I wanted to inspire others!

P.S. I ended p giving away so much clothes!!!!! It was good to get a clean sweep of my closet and even better to be able to help others!