Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So here I am looking in my closet as I am moving and guess what I found???? You got it...items with tags still on them or ... items that were only worn once.... ah damn those comfy clothes lol.

What are comfy clothes you may ask.... well they are my go to staples... especially for work.  I love clothes... I do but I have the #buyitandsaveitforaspecialoccasion syndrome smh...  Special occasions are everyday from now on.  When I am at work, I need to be comfortable but that doesn't mean I can't be cute honey lol.

So what do I do???? I set out on a mission to wear thirty different outfits in 30 days!

Mission accomplished... except for the 2 Saturdays I gladly spent at home in PJ's

When I realized that I could do this, I was happy to be so blessed. It was very hard though, not reverting back into comfyville lol. I  even got my office mate Jessica  involved as she became my photographer.  She would even remind me that we had to take our daily picture to document my success! THANKS JESS!!!!! 

Some items were purchased a while ago so I will not be including links BUT I will list the name of the stores where they were purchased.... as you can see, i also incorporated wigs into my challenge ( I don't have 30 but I am close lol) I am a naturalista, in my in between stage, and still learning my hair. Wigs are an awesome way to change things up, and are an awesome protective style!
 Let's see... We have - in no particular order...

Target, Ashley Stewart, Old Navy, Simply Be, Asos, TJ MAX, Boohoo, Eloqui, Forever 21, Burlington, Layne Bryant and some smaller boutiques.

 I also documented my experiment on my IG page (Findinglola7) and my facebook page (Finding Lola7) and received such great feedback from other plus girls and friends that were looking forward to the next outfit!

It wasn't always chic nor was it always high end, but besides challenging myself, I wanted to inspire others!

P.S. I ended p giving away so much clothes!!!!! It was good to get a clean sweep of my closet and even better to be able to help others!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sizzling Summer

Last summer I made a life changing decision. I wore a bikini for the first time in about 20 years... AND I LOVED IT!!!!

Part of loving the skin your in is to dare to be bold, dare to be different and I figured, many plus sized women were getting on this band wagon so why not.... take myself out of my comfort zone and be free. Free of judgements, free of fear and free from societal norms... Honey I truly embraced the skin I was in and enjoyed every minute of it.

Now I am on the hunt for a few suits for this summer. I went bold last year with this awesome red swimsuit from Forever 21 Plus  so as the time nears for me to swimsuit shop again  I checked out what they have going on this year. I found a few suits that I like but I am definitely taking some time and scouting out some great suits for this summer! Here are some swimsuits that made the list!

Swimsuit Depot

GabiFresh.... In total Love !!!!

Find them at
 I am obsessed with her green floral one piece..... I may have to forgo the bikini once or twice this summer lol

If you are not afraid to be ultra sexy... check out The Diva Kurves Collection!!!

Find them at The Diva Kurves Collection

There is also this  this pretty pink little number by Rue 107

This can be found at Rue 107

I am also in love with the new Lilly Pulitzer for target line seen here modeled by the gorgeous Chastity of Garner Style

You can click the link above to get to her blog and read her review of the line!

 The colors are awesome and the prints are fun.... Loving the green and white print below as well

And of course there is always Forever 21

Forever 21

Needless to say... I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Blues

 As I was thinking about writing my next post, I was mulling over topics. I realized that I have not done an outfit post in some time. I realized that I have been avoiding it at all cost... WHY?
Then it dawned on me... Winter Blues, I have always had them, even the 8 years I lived in Florida.

There is just something about this time of year that always gets me down. I love clothe, I love winter fashion, but I find myself in a winter blues rut every year. Although I purchase great pieces, I often run back to my go to staples and it's not cute y'all lol.  I have no desire to wear the awesome boots, the 3 coats I bought this year, the awesome textured tights, the caramel wedges ... nothing... nothing is appealing to me ... It looks awesome on all my sister bloggers but this girl just can't get into it.

Now I know what some people may be thinking that winter blues don't really exist but they do. It is defined as a "mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy experienced during the cold season" (Web MD). It is estimated that there are 3million US cases per year, that's me I am definitely one of them, it's all I can do to just make it out the door in the morning, do drop offs and drive like a bat outta hell to make it in to work on time lol. Now the winter blues are less severe than Season Affective Disorder (SAD).  SAD can span more than one season or you could be affected by any season.  And in the NYC all this snow is not helping!

So what is a fashionista with the winter blues to do? Well I try and rally against it and force myself  into something fashionable at least once a week.  I also stay inspired by other bloggers and I also pass on their awesome looks... just because I can't bring myself to wear it doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing it on other women!

Here are some of the looks I have enjoyed: (click on the link for their blogs)

One of my favorite go to girls for inspiration!!!! The Je Ne Sais Quoi

Who couldn't adore this look!!!! CURVE Envy

Perfection  Golden Kaleidoscope

RED!!!!! Loving it Naturally Fashionable

Neutrals   And I Get Dressed  
 Here are other articles on the Winter Blues, how to combat them and other juicy tid bits to get you by!  Prevntion Magazine, How to prevent the Winter Blues , 7 Foods to beat the Winter Blues , 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues , Season Affective Disorder

Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Award Show Fashion ~~~~ Simply Gorgeous Ladies at the NAACP Awards

My top 4 for the night!
  I love award shows, this one in particular as it celebrated the achievements of people of color! The speeches were moving and brought tears to my eyes and I felt as if I was there to celebrate with them.

As always the fashion was exceptional ... this award show fashion was spectacular! My top four pics of the night were Tracee Ellis Ross (OMG I LOVE HER!), Teyonah Parris slayed the carpet as well as Gabrielle Union and OMG Angela Bassett - this woman is 56 years old!!!!! I pray to be like her when I grow up- simply  BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 

Here are more fashion DOS from that night  As well as more pics of the ladies above...