Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Polish Haul

I must admit that one of the things I like most about the fall are fall colors! Bright greens and burnt oranges, frisky reds... love it! With the changing season, other things change also like your clothes, your shoes, your make-up (Can't wait to do a lipstick haul...) and of course your nail polish!

So I couldn't wait to get out there and see what was new for this season, I promised myself that gone are the days of wearing one designated color for the season... am I the only one that does that???? I mean really with all this variety out there why would I want to be so limited.... Ha... not anymore, take a peek at what I found.
Ok- I am a girl who loves her neutrals!!!!!  I am so looking forward to trying these out. I am not quite sure how all of them will look with my complexion but I am eager to give them a try!

From the top left the colors are : Essie- Fierce No Fear, Soo- Back together, Essie- Urban Jungle
Bottom from left: Soo- Girl on Fire, Soo- Miracle Touch,  Soo- Natural Brown 

Let's take a look at some color...

I have always been a red kind of girl in the fall, but I am going to branch out!  I have included some red  but as you can see some blues and a green and a wonderful purple!

From the top left: Soo- Locked Out, O.P.I.- Instyle Red, Q-R-S- Portside
Bottom from left: Revlon- Posh, Q-R-S - (there was no color or number on this one.. sorry), Soo- S25, and Soo- Hit it First

There are so many beautiful fall colors out there  Check out these articles for more brands and gorgeous colors: Elle MagazineHarpers Bazaar, Glamour Magazine

I think I may have to go on another haul sooner rather than later!

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