Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finding My Way Back to Lola!

So.... Here I am 44 single, living life, well lets say existing.... I don't want that anymore! I miss the times that I was care free and really living!

I have always known I was different! I was never a follower, and always liked marching to my own beat! I was the chick that wore what I wanted, when I wanted and would be different almost every day.  Same went for my hair, I was never afraid to experiment with anything! I think I have almost done it all lol (still holding out for the Mohawk).

One day I realized something~~~ I had become safe !!!! WHAT ... ME ... when the hell did that happen???? I started to conform, but I have come to realize that the person who needs to be comfortable and happy is me!

Well that leads me to  my journey... back to Lola, who is Lola you might be asking lol- Lola is me she is my happy me, my bold me, my adventurist me! and I need to get back to her quick... Sooooooo I started this blog for those who like me wanted to get back to their Lola (or whom ever they wish to be) and for those who are simply interested and want to watch!

I will be doing new things, traveling to new places, changing my hair, learning how to apply make-up (never really liked wearing it nor do I know how to)....trying out different fashions and so on and so forth lol~~~~ so hold on to your seats, welcome aboard ... this should be interesting!!!!!