Products I Am Currently Using

Hey Everyone, this is a follow up to my post on going back to Natural! Here are the products I am currently Using in my hair!

Vitamins, Very very important.... this will help my hair get back into fighting shape! You can order here: The Mane Chioce

Instead of washing with a shampoo, I am using and loving this As I Am CoWash!  Smells great and leaves my hair clean from product build up. Since I use gel daily, I use this twice maybe three times a week depending on the buildup.

After cowashing, I use either one of these conditioners. I try to switch back and forth. I will use the KeraCare more when I do deep conditioning twice a month but for daily use I use the Bantu!

After a bit of leave in, I use this As I Am Coco Shea Whip! It is very thick so I use it sparingly!

Once all of that is done, I add these babies!!!! Love them! I will also add a little more kukui oil on top of gel, just so it doesn't frizz and leaves a nice shine!

Last but not least.... feels like silk gel for hold!

Deep Conditioning ~~~~~~~~

Of course going natural is not as easy as it seems, you have to go through trail and error to find out what's best for you and your hair. Currently this deep conditioning routine is working for me. I try and do it once every 2 or 3 weeks depending on my schedule.

What I use...
find here: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

What I do: I mix all of the ingredients together (Wheat Protein comes with  mixing measurements), apply to my hair, place a shower cap on and then tie down a scarf (for extra heat). I sit with the mixture in for about 30-45 minutes and rinse.

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